Sunday, 20 July 2014

White Heat at the Jam

Here is a few pics from the Jamfactory opening night and final touches on the set up.
Thanks for all of the help getting White Heat to Adelaide!

Ma & Pa for driving over to take a load from NSW to SA! Legends!
Naomi and the Jamfactory crew for helping to set up!
Graeme Bannerman for ensuring the show packed flat and actually FIT in the back of my wagon!

Couldn't have done this project without many many personal know who you are.....................I owe you BIG time!

Bridget Bodenham

Deirdre Hoban

 Katherine Wheeler

 Wall panel featuring Prue Venables work

Zara Collins

Next stop Wollongong! Our last venue on tour - just in time for summer on the coast! Perfect way to end such a huge independant project.