Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nelia Justo - July Feature Artist

Sphere of the Moon
I have been in awe of Nelia Justo's art-making process for many years, her ability to learn new techniques and skills to make her ideas come to life is inspiring. Her historical research is consistantly thorough and her eye for detail and finishes - exquisite! Nelia has worked with many materials and methods over the years including: sound, sculpture, video, textiles, porcelain and many many more. She is an inter-disciplinary artist with immense skill. When I first met Nelia she had just completed an intricately woven copperwire sculpture that was wired for sound! Her next project was saw piercing copper and stainless steel sheet - a truly frustrating, hard material to hand cut with a jewellers saw!

On finding Eden detail

Electronic Threads - Korean Bridal Robe

Nelia has been working on a community arts project based in Marrickville entitled: Textile Tales - Woven Journeys. I hope you can see the exhibition project or join in with the workshops!

Please join Nelia at the opening of Textile Tales Woven Journeys exhibition on Wednesday 26th June, 2013 at Chrissie Cotter Gallery from 6pm- 8pm.
The exhibition continues 27-June – 7 July and is an Open Marrickville 2013 festival event. 
Textile Tales Woven Journeys exhibition is the culmination of a year-long community cultural project, presented in photographs and accompanying stories.  Twenty-two women living in the Inner West of Sydney were interviewed about cherished domestic textile articles in their personal home collection.  The 28 personal stories featured, tell us about the person and why they they’ve kept the item of clothing, home furnishing or piece of cloth – be it a wedding dress, a favourite garment made by grandma, a worn quilt handed down the family line, or a colourful hand-woven cloth made many year ago.  Some of these textiles not only hold personal significance to the individual and their families but many items also hold wider community historical significance and present us with a slice of our local community and heritage.  Some stories are whimsical or endearing; others tell us of journeys across the world and span decades or generations – either way, they’ll guarantee to be thought-provoking and entertaining.
On Saturday 29th free gallery talks and a drop-in textile craft workshop will be conducted in the Gallery.
·         Gallery talks  1.30 – 2.30pm: 
4-5 women interviewed for the project will bring in their textiles featured in the photographs, to share with visitors and relate further details about the stories behind the textiles.
·         Textile-craft workshop  2.30 – 4.30pm
Workshop conducted by Cherie Thompson

Like us on facebook www.facebook.com/TextileTalesWovenJourneys

Good luck with the project Nelia!!
I am looking forward to seeing more of Nelia's handcarved porcelain neckpieces and beastplates which are inspired by Chinese traditional Jade pieces for White Heat!


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