Thursday, 1 August 2013

Artist of the month - Manon van Kouswijk

Perles d'Artiste

August artist of the month is Manon van Kouswijk, hailing from the Netherlands and now based in Melbourne, Victoria. Van Kouswijk is represented by Gallery Funaki in Melbourne - and we thank the team at Funaki for sharing her talents!

Trophées  necklaces porcelain + ceramic pencil. 2011 Photography: Jeremy Dillon
Perles d'Artiste

Perles d'Artiste
"Perles d'Artiste" Series of different necklaces in white, black and white, colour porcelain, pigment, ceramic pencil. 2009  Photography: Uta Eisenreich
In Manon's own words....
I like to think that it's possible to reinvent jewellery, despite the fact that its archetypal forms and motifs haven't fundamentally changed throughout its long history. I view these archetypes as templates that I use for my translations of the jewellery types I work from (for example the beaded necklace). Through the materiality and making processes that different materials offer I generate new interpretations of generic forms. They reveal some of the value and meaning that belies the appearance of ordinary jewellery pieces.

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