Friday, 9 August 2013

White Heat opening night @ Gaffa

A huge thanks to everyone who supported us and came down to Gaffa on Thursday night!
I was a bit overwhelmed by the opening and the fantastic turn out - great to see you all.

Graeme Bannerman's work on the touch table was a BIG hit! Well done Graeme - you may have produced some of the work in the eleventh hour but it was worth it!

 Touch Table was a hit with adults and children alike!

 Bliss & Sasha have a giggle over Graeme's work  In & Out and Degustation

A BIG thanks to Jane & Matina for the amazing flowers - I felt very spoilt! Now my house has flowers in every room...lovely.

Cheers for taking some pics on opening night Matina! Your a treasure.

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