Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spring Artist of the month - Bridget Bodenham

Bridget Bodenham's work has a lovely immediacy to the shapes and forms she creates. The individual links in her porcelain Chain Neckpiece or Blue &White Rings  leave a trace of the maker's hand and the ceramic process. A very talented artist who is equally comfortable hand making porcelain jewellery or tableware. Her range of Tea Towels ( that compliment her spoons, cups and bowls beautifully) show her deft line work - freeform, expressive and delightful!
Chain Neckpiece 2010 (porcelain)

Blue & White  porcelain 2011 (Image Courtesy Pieces of Eight)
Blue and White Rings porcelain 2010 

I am thrilled to have Bridget's work in White Heat!  To see more of Bridget's work:

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