Thursday, 6 March 2014

Collaborations - artists coming together - part 1

In addition to creating the White Heat Touch Table, Graeme Bannerman also collaborated with Zara Collins on a small collection of sculptural pendants. The trio of black and white pendants entitled Brancusi's Balls are a tongue-in-cheek homage to the sculptors beautiful body of work. The earthenware forms have been burnished to create a smooth, shiny surface. Originally designed to be handled, Brancusi's Balls feature tiny little beads inside each form to create percussive sounds. Each form has a different size and shaped bead, creating subtle sound variety in each 'maraca-like' pendant.

 G Bannerman & Z Collins Brancusi's Balls (Black) earthenware, thread, silver

G Bannerman & Z Collins Brancusi's Balls (Black & White) earthenware, thread, silver

Creative collaboration can be fruitful for both artists, sharing each others skill sets, ideas and learnt tricks of the trade. But when two individuals come together with varying ways of creating, it can take time to adjust to each others methods. Collins says "I like to work ahead of schedule to allow time for play and for trouble shooting disasters - I soon realised Bannerman preferred the pressure of a deadline as motivation. This key difference in the way we work was definitely challenging!"

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