Friday, 23 May 2014

Goodbye Canberra and thanks

Thank you to all of the staff at Craft ACT for their assistance with the install and destall of White Heat. It was a really smooth bump out!

We have had some fantastically positive feedback from our Canberra leg of the tour. Over 500 vistitors came to see both Antonia Aitken & White Heat exhibitions. Some comments from the visitors book below:

“Great exhibit Zara - congratulations!”
“Adored the ‘moonrock’, delicious texture!”
“Really enjoyed both exhibitions, particularly the ceramic jewellery. Such breadth of

Canberra turned on some amazing weather and I took the chance to visit some fine institutions and small galleries in our capital: National Archives, National Gallery, War Memorial, Portrait Gallery, Beaver Galleries and Gallery Bilk.

Here are few shots of the exhibition by photographer Andrew Sikorski.

 Exhibition shot

Exhibition shot Prue Venables work in foreground

Exhibition shot Graeme Bannerman's work in foreground

Graeme Bannerman Untitled detail

Graeme Bannerman Moon Rock detail

Katherine Wheeler Creep Ring

Katherine Wheeler Skeleton structure ring

Next stop Adelaide's cultural gem the Jamfactory!

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